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Why Buy From Dealooza?

When you buy from Dealooza you are supporting US jobs in a veteran owned company. Rest assured we are an honorable and experienced seller with over a decade of experience selling online.  We know how important all customers are to our business. 

Dealooza takes away or minimizes all the risk the typical consumer would face buying direct from China.

China consumer laws and practices simply are not as consumer friendly ort the same as you would expect in America.  It comes down to how much risk you are willing to accept for that super low price you see advertised everywhere.

  • Are you willing to wait up to 45 days to get your item, sometimes without tracking?
  • What if customs holds your package and demands duties, fees and taxes?  
  • Can you afford to risk loosing your money or waiting weeks for a refund? 
  • What if something is wrong and you want to return your item?  Are you willing to pay high return shipping fees (even if it is defective) and wait 30-45 days for it to arrive back in China?

At Dealooza, we source and import all our inventory directly from authentic manufacturers and wholesale distributors.  We offer the safest payment methods, fast processing and fast free shipping in the USA.  You will get a US plug (not a cheap Euro to US adapter) (where applicable).  We also allow free returns to a US address in-case you need to.

We hope you can see the value Dealooza brings by eliminating most of the risks buying quality, affordable Chinese consumer electronics.